Top Trending Cryptocurrency News of the Week: Binance, Coinbase, Elon Musk and Facebook Among Major Newsmakers
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Key highlights: CME Bitcoin Futures Reports Record Volume Coinbase Wallet Supports Litecoin [LTC] Facebook Login On the Blockchain’ Binance DEX Testnet Launched Coinbase Acquired Neutrino Elon Musk Believe Bitcoin is Better Than a Paper Money Bitcoin (฿) Symbol Now the First Currency on Google Keyboard CME Bitcoin Futures Reports Record Volume On February 8th, Bitcoin has been changing hands at $3,400 only to take a surge to $3,662 level. For the next ten days, the Bitcoin price oscillated around $3,600 level. However, this week, Bitcoin took a hike of 10 percent and nearly reached $4k mark. In tandem with the surge in Bitcoin price, the volume of Bitcoin Future on CME also took a significant hike as CME Group reported on Twitter, “Surge in bitcoin price leads to record BTC futures volume on February 19 with over 18K contracts traded.” Coinbase Wallet Supports Litecoin [LTC] Following Sixth Largest Cryptocurrency Litecoin or LTC is now available on Coinbase wallet, which was introduced in August 2018 to rebrand firm’s open source decentralized app (DApp) browser. It was revealed on Feb 21, 2019, via an official blog by Siddharth Coelho, Coinbase’s product lead. ‘Facebook Login On the Blockchain’, Mark Zuckerberg Interested In Experimenting With Blockchain During an interview with Professor Jonathan Zittrain of Harvard Law, Mark Zuckerberg, a well-known figure of web and social media revealed his sentiments towards blockchain technology. While discussing, Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg said that ‘he is potentially interested’ to put Facebook login on the disruptive technology, blockchain. Binance DEX Testnet Launched The much anticipated Decentralized exchange (DEX) of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance has finally launched its testnet for public testing. Binance DEX aims to bring the best of its centralized exchange’s features in a decentralized setting. Coinbase Acquired Neutrino Coinbase has recently signed yet another acquisition deal with blockchain startup. The latest acquisition of the blockchain intelligence startup, ‘Neutrino’ will help Coinbase determine the best performing crypto assets. Elon Musk Believe Bitcoin is Better Than a Paper Money Tesla CEO, Elon Musk is the latest high profile to get bullish on Bitcoin – During an ARK Invest’s podcast on Feb 19, 2019, Musk called ‘Bitcoin’s structure is quite brilliant’. Founder of Tesla and SpaceX discussed his interesting views on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. His belief on bitcoin and cryptocurrency at large is that ‘crypto in terms of value transfer is far better than a piece of paper’. Bitcoin (฿) Symbol Now the First Currency on Google Keyboard The adoption of leading cryptocurrency is increasing day after day. Now, the latest addition to this list is the Bitcoin symbol on Google Keyboard. A Bitcoin enthusiast took to Twitter to share this update with the crypto community which has everyone elated of this small but at the same time a big thing for the flagship cryptocurrency.